The smart and intelligent camera system

eyewatch - the idea

Traditional camera and video systems generate a vast amount of images within a very short time. Even intelligent video systems require central server solutions with additional infrastructure which are cost and service intensive.

The eyewatch idea was to overcome these obstacles and to develop IP-based All-in-One cameras using standard IP technologies. The camera hardware was specifically developed to be used both indoors and outdoors. The products are intelligent and support loadable software solutions for allowing adapt to any future application.

eyeTWO - the smart camera

The eyeTWO network camera is equipped with two high-resolution 5-Megapixel image sensors for full indoor and outdoor use. The IP65 environmental protection, as well as the cut down on moving parts, such as shutter and motor, make the system extremely robust and reliable. The eyeTWO has adjustable eyelids to provide further protection against sun light and the weather.

Using efficient and power-saving CPUs from the mobile device market. eyewatch developed a FPGA (solution coping with image enhancement, image sharpening, lens distortion, and much more, meaning the camera CPU is not engaged with these tasks. It has enough power reserves to run additional applications and to deliver recordings for best performance. Due to the integrated H.264 compression within the FPGA bandwidth requirements are reduced significantly, when used as a streaming IP-camera.

The eyeTWO camera is often referred to as a smart or edge camera, since it can act independently without a server. It works locally and its functionality can be upgraded at any time by software.

Applications for function, design and behaviour recognition can be loaded directly into the camera. These apps are offered by eyewatch and certified business partners to enable a variety of applications for the eyewatch platform.

Multiple Video-Streams
eyewatch developed a FPGA solution which can generate up to three independent streams for optimising your applications.

The Analytic-Stream delivers pre-processed pictures for video-analysis and ensures that objects are recognised reliably using the installed video analysis software.

The Live-Stream
is used for life play back and recording. It provides the FPGA H.264 encoded streams in highest quality and resolution.

The Forensic can record image sequences with metadata independently as well as pre and post alarm images using full 5-Megapixel resolution. Forensic evaluations of events are possible in the highest quality.

Intelligent, power-saving infrared-LED lighting, PoE+
The eyeTWO camera operates nearly all applications with only one cable due to a new lighting system (patent pending) which is integrated within the camera. This is only active when the camera opens its 'eye'. During the remaining time the lights are switched off. This way you get brilliant light with minimum energy consumption.
The eyewatch cameras support the PoE+ standard (Power over Ethernet), which is necessary to integrate a powerful light source without using an additional external power supply.

Integrated Microphone and Speaker/VoIP

The integrated microphone and speakers allow the use of the eyeTWO camera as telephone, intercom, paging unit and wire-tapping device. The camera can complement a separate intercom system or substitute it completely.

Inspired by nature

The two mobile 'eyelids' of the eyeTWO camera offer additional protection against environmental influences, e.g. sunlight, reflections, rain and hail. They prevent the concealment of the lens by snow or other environmental influences. That is why the camera can be used in places where other cameras struggle.

Assembling / Installation
All eyewatch cameras have a integrated wall and ceiling mount. They can therefore be installed elegantly on walls, ceilings and poles. With only three screws you can easily adjust the position. The cleverly designed joint system allows you to monitor every area the way you want. All cables are well protected against vandalism and are protected from the environment within the joint system.

No matter where you are, you can always and everywhere to access your eyewatch camera. Individual web interfaces allows you to represent on various media, including your web-compatible phone. Regardless of where you are now, you will always be the best possible and timely manner.

Hardware position sensor
The position sensor integrated into the eyeTWO camera registers independently every movement of the camera itself. Unrequested and unrecognised 'turning away' of the camera by unauthorised persons is a thing of the past. Every movement is reliably recognised by the camera and can release an alarm to supervision headquarters or by e-mail to the person in charge immediately.

About deister electronic

deister electronic is recognized as a leading RFID company bringing innovative solutions to a diverse range of markets worldwide. The headquarters are located in Barsinghausen, close to Hannover, the city renowned for having the largest exhibition complex in the world.

deister has been developing identification solutions for over 30 years. Our sales activities are divided into two core areas, the markets covering 'Security & Safety' and the industrial markets of 'Ident & Automation'.

The company employs over 200 staff worldwide. We design, develop and manufacture products that provide solutions, taking advantage of the latest RFID technology to respond rapidly to the needs of the market. We supply products to OEM-manufacturers, system integrators and, depending on the product range, to industrial end users.

By continuous alignment between market, development and production we ensure fast and flexible solutions for the growing demand of our customers.

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