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Zutrittskontrolle berührungslos, kompatibel und vernetzt

Vernetzung statt einzelner Insellösungen - Thema auf der Security 2010. Fachpresse - GIT SICHERHEIT + MANAGEMENT 10/2010

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proxSafe maxx - ING Bank Amsterdam

Schneller Zugriff durch elektronische Schlüsselverwaltung von deister electronic Fachartikel aus W&S 4/2010, S. 30

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Key Management for High Security Hospital - proxSafe maxx

Management of keys has moved into the 21st century and now utilizes RF technology to keep track of them. Fachpresse -... read more

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Renault Technocenter - Key Management System - proxSafe maxx

The security of sensitive data and other product innovations has the highest priority. Fachpresse - GIT SECURITY 1/2010

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Managing the movement of Keys and Small Valuables - proxSafe maxx

Under Lock and Key GIT Security + Management 6/2009


Security camera and personal computer in one

Apps and other FeaturesOptimal image quality is obtained using two 5-Megapixel sensors, one for colour, the other for black & white. The real-time pixel operations are carried out from the eyewatch FPGA, an extremely efficient additional chip which performs picture quality enhancement, scaler and more.

The eyewatch platform means special software applications and various functional extensions can be loaded directly into the camera for pattern and object recognition.

Intelligent Infrared lighting
The integrated infrared LED head light improves the light conditions (up to 25 metres visual range). A minimum power consumption is obtained because it is ambient light controlled and synchronised with the image3 sensors.

Innovation Counts
Every camera view today is 2D. To apply proper Motion Detection Algorithm or to detect reliably other Alarm conditions, a 3D image is needed. eyewatch has developed a powerful solution to scope with this requirements. By just entering the heights of the camera position and the tilt of the ground the camera will provide automatically all needed data to project the 2D image into 3D space.
This data can be used for all the algorithms running in the camera or for server based algorithm if the eyeTWO - camera is used as IP-based streaming camera only.

Ideal housing concept
Excellent indoor and outdoor use due to the IP65 rating and integrated protective housing. All cables are well protected against vandalism and the weather within the joint system. This special joint system also allows wall, ceiling and pole mount. With only three screws the camera can be set in any direction.